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Moderated by: Weird Occurance Lord Denida

Family, Friends, Pets; Photos, Stories, Memes... Nothing but good vibes here!

Favorite or Most Memorable Vacation Memory

Posted 1 Week ago by Weird Occurance

Who did you go with? What made it memorable?

My family took a cruise down the Baltic Sea in the summer of '06.

I strongly remember we stayed in a hotel in Denmark before catching the ship the next day.

Within 5 mins of getting to the hotel, my brother saw a book of matches on the room's ventilator.
He lit one, got startled by how quickly the fire caught, and dropped it down a slat in the vents. We didn't see if it went out.

A few minutes later, my dad came in the room to tell us we were going on an excursion and to meet our parents in the hall in a few seconds. Neither of us said anything.

We ended up walking down a long tourist street to a tour bus to go around the harbor and see the Little Mermaid statue and check out some other historical touristy sites.

On the way back to the hotel, my brother and I were walking down the street and my brother leaned over to whisper "I wonder if the hotel's still standing".

My dad overheard him from behind us and screamed "What!"

We explained what happened and Dad started lecturing us about how we were both idiots for not telling him, and we should be smarter than this, it could be a foreign affair issue, and so on.

Ultimately, the hotel was still standing.

My brother will have you believe he was "like 12" when it happened.
He was actually 17.
Somehow that makes it more facepalm-worthy and more ridiculous in retrospect, but I like to tell this story as an icebreaker haha it was certainly memorable!

Share some of your stories!

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When I drove to Charleston the last time I saw a full double rainbow in the middle of the worst storm ever. That was pretty neat!

1 Week ago
Sky's the limit

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