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Hi all does anyone remember me?

Posted 3 Weeks ago by DanMcMahon

I was very frequently on the old efed forum back on the old gametalk.

Is Johnny Perfect still here?

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I haven’t seen the name Johnny Perfect before, but maybe somebody remembers them? You ask around in the GT discord (linked in social media in the site footer)

At any rate, glad you dropped by. Hope you’ll stay a while.

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3 Weeks ago
Weird Occurance

I haven't seen the name 'Johnny Perfect' here but do remember it from


3 Weeks ago
Lord Denida

Thanks for the info guys! I haven't really spoken to him since the time he got his 14 year old girlfriend pregnant while he was closer to 20! Gee wizz that was a doozy!

2 Weeks ago

Is Johnny Perfect still here?

Did they ever go by Johnny Rapture or something like that? If so I suspect they might be based on something a former mod said years ago and other knowledge.

2 Weeks ago
Grey Echelon

I remember your name, Dan. I was a regular (and mod) of the old wrestling forum. You probably remember me as R0gue_Panther, Silverbolt, or maybe Feral Wolf.

Johhny hasn't been here in 6-7 years, but I am friends with him on Facebook. I can reach out to him, if you wish.

2 Days ago
Fire Lion
Thunder Lion

Reply to: Hi all does anyone remember me?