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Marriage to a Parent’s Sibling’s Spouse’s Sibling’s Child

Posted 2 Weeks ago by chiarizio

I recently saw a “learned paper” about “dispersed alliance”.
It examined several cultures, including several in which one’s preferred marital partner was one’s older sibling’s spouse’s younger sibling.

That’s reminiscent (to me — YMMV) of the systems my fictional Ataivsh hominoids have;
if we replace “older sibling” with “aunt or uncle”, and replace “younger sibling” with “niece or nephew”.

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Fun fact: the scenario you read about has actually happened in my family. My maternal grandmother's cousin married a man, and that man's sister married his wife's brother, meaning their kids are double first cousins. We also have cousins who are first and second cousins simultaneously. The Ataivsh systems, then, aren't too far off reality.

2 Weeks ago
Black Yoshi

Something similar happened to my best friend IRL -- his mom married a man, and then he married that man's daughter. There's a lot of jokes that go with that territory, but my personal favorite is that my friend ended up becoming a step-son-in-law.

2 Weeks ago
Sky's the limit

Thank you for your real-life examples and near-examples.
I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner; I’ve been meaning to for some time, but never fully formatted what I wanted to say.
TBH I still haven’t. But I know I wanted to say “Thanks!”, so at least I got that much said!

1 Week ago

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