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Science, Math, & Technology

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The Study of Kinship

Posted 3 Months ago by chiarizio

This thread is supposed to be about any scientific or technical or mathematical or real-world historical (or probably true-legendary) or realistically speculative not-conclusively-disproven things anyone wants to say about kinship.


What is Kinship?

Culture-Specific Simplifications and Complications

Biological Parents versus Sociological Parents

Affine Kin

Consanguineal Kin
If the reason two people are kin, is that one of them is a direct lineal descendant of the other, or a direct lineal ancestor of the other, or a direct lineal descendant of a direct lineal ancestor of the other; then they are said to be blood kin or consanguineal kin or kin by shared descent or kin by shared ancestry.

Direct Lineal Ancestors and Direct Lineal Descendants

Collineal Ancestors and Collineal Descendants

Collateral Kin
All other consanguineal kin are collateral kin.
A direct lineal descendant two or more generations removed from a direct lineal ancestor two or more generations removed from EGO, is one of EGO’s collateral kin.
The closest ones would be EGO’s grandparents’ grandchildren. (Aka first cousins.)
Note that they’d be the children of EGO’s collineal ancestor (uncle or aunt), as well as the collineal descendants (nephew or niece) of EGO’s parent.

Fictive Kin

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